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RadCalc’s Tomo module* provides support for the following TomoTherapy® features:

o TomoHelical deliveries
o TomoDirect deliveries
o TomoEDGE dynamic jaws

RadCalc’s calculations contain the following information:

o Prescriptions for documentation purposes
o One or more beams as imported from the TPS

RadCalc compares:

o Time calculations versus imported Plan Time
o Dose to multiple calculation points

RadCalc displays:

o 2D or 3D visualization of imported patient structures
o Sinogram
o Individual control points illustrating leaf open times

The RadCalc Process:

o Import plan and structures via DICOM
o Specify calculation points if not imported
o Compute the dose

Computation method:

o Measured or modeled PDD and Scp factors may be used
o Profile data is modeled via the weighted sum of three Gaussian distributions
o Ray tracing is performed through the structures to determine the depth and effective depth.  Each control point is decomposed into a set of finite beamlets with an  appropriate weighting such that their summation reproduces the imported sinogram for the control point

If you would like to learn more about version and the TomoTherapy® module or evaluate a demo, please contact our sales department for more information.

*Available now in RadCalc version




MKT-025 Rev: A

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