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RadCalc gives you instant access to your patient data base:

  • Provides easy access to patient information allowing you to verify, change or copy calculations
  • Copy calculations: Allows easy transfer of calculations from one accelerator to another if needed
  • Allows easier transfer of patient information between RTP and verify and record systems
  • Gives multiple users access to all patient calculation information from a network server
  • Multiple site support from one primary database

Open Patient Calculation window
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PatientDB sm

RadCalc includes Off Axis Ratio, PDD, and TPR data file editors allowing:

  • Automated import from data acquisition system
  • On-line graphical presentation of data
  • Analysis of off axis ratio curves
  • Printouts of off axis ratio, PDD, and TPR curves
  • Generation of PDD and TPR table printouts

OAR Data Editor window (Physics Setup)
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OAR Edit sm




MKT-010 Rev: A

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