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The Brachytherapy Module is available for purchase to those clients who have upgraded to or purchased RadCalc version 6.2 or later release. The Brachytherapy module will function only with version 6.0 and future releases.

The RadCalc Brachytherapy module provides many advanced features. Some of these features include the following:

  1. Perform HDR, LDR, and Permanent Implant calculations.
  2. Import plans via DICOM RT.
  3. Visualize sources in 3D.
  4. Create a treatment schedule.

The Brachytherapy module performs HDR, LDR, and Permanent Implant point dose comparisons.  This module provides many advanced features. RadCalc utilizes the TG-43 protocol for its dose calculations and conforms to the updates outlined in the most recent protocol supplements.

Brachytherapy HDR Calculation
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 BrachyHDR sm

Some of these features include the following:


Brachytherapy can be imported via DICOM RT using the RTP Plan Import dialog box or they can be manually added to the patient database by selecting Brachytherapy as the calculation type within the Add Calculation dialog box.


A 3D visualization of the sources is shown in the calculation. The user may manipulate this plot by zooming, rotating, or selecting one of three standard views. For HDR calculations, sources at the specified dwell position can be drawn using a color that corresponds to the dwell weight.


The treatment schedule can be used to define the specific dates and times that the patient will be treated. This will allow RadCalc to decay correct the source strength to the specific date and time and perform a calculation for each one.


Source configuration information may be added manually or imported from a file containing all of the source information.  RadCalc also allows the export of Brachytherapy sources allowing users to share source configurations with their colleagues and eliminates the need of typing in all of the source information which saves time and reduces or eliminates data entry errors.


Calculations can be printed in a summary or detailed layout. When a Brachytherapy calculation has a Treatment Schedule configured, the user has the option to print a specific treatment date and time or the complete Treatment Schedule.

The optional Graphical Source Display page contains a Custom View, Transverse View, Sagittal View, and Coronal View of the Brachytherapy sources.

Brachytherapy Printout (Permanent Implant)
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 BrachyPrintout sm



MKT-005 Rev: B

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