Advanced Features


RadCalc: The first independent Dosimetric verification software supporting both conventional and IMRT treatment plans. Save valuable time and resources with all of these advanced features:


Designed by a Physicist for Physicists, Dosimetrists, and other providers to save valuable time and resources.


FDA 510(k) cleared in May of 2000, RadCalc's IMRT utility allows the user to perform an independent MU or point calculation for Step and Shoot and Sliding Window IMRT treatment plans. The IMRT computation is performed utilizing a modified Clarkson scatter integration along with a Head Scatter algorithm to improve accuracy. The MLC leaf sequence patterns can be imported into RadCalc through various mechanisms. The computation is then completed using this information. For more information on this utility, 
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FDA cleared, this feature allows the user to transfer *beam setup information, block outlines, and MLC leaf positions to RadCalc via DICOM RT. *Beam setup information includes Machine, Energy, Wedge, Gantry, Collimator, and Couch angles along with Jaw settings.

FDA cleared, RadCalc allows the user to import from treatment planning systems and export to verify and record systems either static or dynamic MLC leaf sequences. RadCalc has been demonstrated to successfully transfer 120 leaf fields. The MLC leaf patterns are viewable within RadCalc's MLC Data tab.

FDA cleared, RadCalc supports Enhanced Dynamic Wedges. The details of the method RadCalc uses to determine wedge factors and MU for EDW based computations are available by demonstration. Please click on the "Contacts" link to schedule a demonstration.

Beams Eye View Display
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BEV sm

BEV Display: Displays treatment field with blocks, wedge orientation, and Off Axis Point for visual localization.



MKT-004 Rev: A