18 Years In The Race Against Cancer: New Horizons

We are pleased to announce that on June 23rd, 2017 LifeLine Software celebrated its 18th year anniversary. During this time thanks to you our valued customers, we have become the number one utilized dosimetric verification software worldwide. More than 2,100 Radiation Oncology Centers across the globe count on RadCalc® for their dosimetric verification.

We greatly appreciate the trust our customers have put in our company and our product. We also appreciate the valuable feedback we have received over the last 18 years that has made RadCalc® the most complete dosimetric verification software on the market today.

After 18 years however, we have not stopped listening to our clients. We have been working hard to add more tools to RadCalc®. Future releases of RadCalc® will include many new valuable features and client suggested items.

We will have some exciting news to share between now and AAPM 2017. We expect to announce details regarding new software packages that will provide the most complete 3D Dose Volume independent dosimetric verification portfolio on the market.

Thank you very much for your continued trust and faith in our staff, our products, and our company. We will continue to strive to earn your trust every day.

Stay tuned!